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QUARRIES               The whole process begins with the  The modern extraction processes allow a
                                                       extraction of the blocks in the quarry, where  high production capacity, able to respond in
                                                       the first control is made.              time, to the most demanding challenges.

                                                       Our quarries are monitored by expert  Together with our own quarries, JULIPEDRA,
                                                       technicians, controlling quantity and quality  Ltd. has a long and successful relationship
                                                       of existing reserves and to define the most  with  the  major  quarries  in  the region,  a
                                                       efficient extraction process.           study  carried  out in close partnership
                                                                                               with suppliers that allows a total effective
                                                       We extract the finest limestones selected  control.
                                                       and classified. The classification of materials
                                                       per quality, existing quantity and technical
                                                       characterization ensures a viable solution to
                                                       every project.

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