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FACTORY              JULIPEDRA,  Ltd.  has  an industrial  plant  control. Flexibility of tools and processes
                                 located in the center of the country, right in  creates conditions to give a positive answer
                                 the heart of the Maciço Calcário Estremanho,  to small, medium or large projects.
                                 where all the raw material comes from.
                                                                          The experience of 30 years working stone
                                 Occupying an area of approximately 20.000 m ,  make the difference, to predict, plan and
                                 of which 7,000 m  are covered, it is equipped  manage the entire production.
                                 with the necessary conditions to produce, in
                                 a sustainable way, ornamental stone.     For the whole process be sustainable it is
                                                                          necessary to reuse all waste generated
                                 The used methods allow us to have a high  during production. So, the entire plant is
                                 competitiveness level, using the experience  equipped  with systems  that  manage and
                                 and modern technology to minimize all  reuse the waste, both liquids and solids.

                                 The modern production lines, both for
                                 cutting and finishing, can guarantee a
                                 supply with quantity without losing quality

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