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HISTORY                  JULIPEDRA,  Ltd.  was born from the  From 2008, JULIPEDRA starts extracting
                                                        experience  and  knowledge of Julio  Lopes  from their own quarries, getting the control
                                                        Pedro, who inherits his father’s tradition of  of entire producing process. It is also from
                                                        stone work, working since 1955, was known  this  date  that  begins  the  company  export
                                                        locally as master in the art of working stone,  process, with partnerships and finding new
                                                        developing the activity in his small space.  clients.

                                                        In 1981, JULIPEDRA is officially created,  Since 2009 that JULIPEDRA is part of the
                                                        possessing, at the time, an industrial space  strict range of companies awarded with the
                                                        of about 1500 m  covered area. Specialized  title of PME Lider, a Portuguese title for the
                                                        in cut-to-size pieces, made with high added  most competitive companies, a reward for
                                                        value, for the demanding market of luxury  the effort and work done.
                                                        properties in the residential touristic areas  Currently the company exports about 90%
                                                        such as the resort “Quinta do Lago” in  of its production to more than 30 countries
                                                        Algarve.                                 on all continents.

                                                        The company’s growth is more intense
                                                        from  the  year  2000,  resulting  from  the
                                                        development and strong presence in the
                                                        domestic market.
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